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Having served different organizations and individuals for more than ten years, we have summarized the common problems of customers. SHOT WAVE photographers and production team have professional knowledge and experience, and can answer frequently encountered questions. We firmly believe that good communication can make customers rest assured to entrust us with shooting tasks, making the shooting process smoother.

Why are your prices lower than other production companies?

There may be hidden referral fees in the quotations of other production companies or intermediaries, which do not bring full benefits and added value; the SHOT WAVE team itself is a photographer and post-production staff, eliminating intermediary fees and directly providing you with the services you need.

Do you have enough video pixels?

The SHOT WAVE photography team uses full-frame professional digital single-lens reflex cameras with 20 million pixels or more (or equivalent) which are capable of producing prints larger than 12R or full page A4 advertisements that exceed 300 dpi. To achieve double the resolution or larger print sizes, upgrading to a 50 million pixel camera may be considered. For printing on banner products such as roll up banners, canvas, foam boards or PP stickers or for online use, the 20 million pixel camera is generally sufficient.

​What is a download link? is it safe?

SHOT WAVE uses Google Cloud servers. Customers only need to click on the link and decompress the RAR file on their computer to obtain the required files. The new model of smartphones can also decompress and open the files. The download link uses SSL certificate protection technology to ensure that any data transmitted between the customer and the website is encrypted, preventing hackers from reading the information.

Our organization cannot pay the deposit in advance, what should I do?

SHOT WAVE typically requires a 30% deposit as a guarantee. If your organization has an established procurement policy, such as different payment terms, payment methods, or supplier application procedures, our company can be flexible and accommodating. Please contact us for more information.

Will there be an extra taxi fare on top of the photographer's quotation?

SHOT WAVE service prices already include round-trip transportation costs. Unless there are special circumstances such as locations with no public transportation available or severe weather conditions such as when typhoon or storm warning signals are in effect, we generally do not charge extra for taxi fees, making it convenient for government, institutional, and corporate clients to arrange finances and claims using the invoice code.

Why do all the photos on the company website (including online albums) have watermarks and have been compressed?

As we have seen our company's work being plagiarized on the website, to protect our copyright, we have added our company logo watermark and compressed each photo stored online to prevent inexperienced individuals from stealing our work for their own use.

If you have any further questions, please inquire and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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